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MedLaw Healthcare Service Offerings

MedLaw recognizes that the most expensive elements of a healthcare malpractice claim are the legal fees and costs associated with litigation.  As such, it is the goal of every MedLaw employee to identify and evaluate cases as soon as practicable so appropriate cases can be addressed and resolved early on in the litigation process.  This course of action saves our clients from paying costly legal fees to outside counsel.  In the event it becomes necessary to retain outside counsel, MedLaw closely monitors and manages counsel to ensure compliance with litigation guidelines and to implement cost containment measures.


Our claims professionals thoroughly investigate every medical malpractice claim by obtaining all necessary documents and information, reviewing charts, interviewing witnesses and physicians, retaining an expert review, if necessary and verifying coverage.

Medical Malpractice Claims Management

MedLaw is a full service Third-Party Administrator. We proactively manage and administer all healthcare claims to include early resolution of

appropriate claims, negotiation of settlements pre-suit, directing outside counsel, attending all mediations, settlement conferences and trials while closely guarding the client’s bottom line.

Reserving Philosophy

Subject to the client’s wishes, MedLaw’s reserving philosophy is to reserve all claims and lawsuits at the evaluated potential exposure for that particular case.  These reserve recommendations are communicated to the client along with the specific reasons for such a reserve. However, the client (or the client’s carrier) always has the final approval in setting indemnity and expense reserves.

Litigation Management

Because MedLaw is owned and operated by former trial lawyers, we are in a unique position to know what legal work needs to be accomplished on any given case. Therefore, we closely monitor, direct and manage outside counsel. In that regard, we ensure that no unnecessary legal work is undertaken and counsel is not able to bill for services that are not completely essential to the case and in the client’s best interest. 

Specifically, MedLaw directs and manages medical malpractice litigation by:


Discussing and agreeing upon a litigation plan for the case with defense counsel;


Assisting with the discovery process and production of policies and procedures;


Reviewing all invoices from defense counsel, experts and vendors to ensure strict compliance with MedLaw’s litigation guidelines; and


Negotiating the hourly rates of defense counsel to further manage cost containment and expenses.

Management of Client Trust Fund


Maintain and manage the trust fund of the client to ensure that funding from this account is correctly disbursed for all indemnity and expense checks;


Reconcile the client’s loss run with the trust account; and


Monitor, evaluate and advise client of eroding or exhausted aggregate or self-insured retention.

Loss Run Reports

MedLaw provides clear and concise loss run reports to its clients free of charge. These reports provide the client with necessary loss data to fully evaluate its current and past loss history as well as claims-specific financial information. The reports can also be generated with individual parameters specified by the client.

Self-Insured Retention/Captive and Excess Monitoring


Manage claims within the client’s Captive or Self-Insured Retention (SIR) and work in conjunction with the client’s carrier to continue management of the claims within the coverage layer once the SIR is exhausted; and


Manage and monitor primary claims on behalf of excess and umbrella carriers.

Management of Run-Off Business

Manage to conclusion existing caseloads for run-off business.

Risk Consultation and Review


Area of expertise: Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Urgent Care  and Risk Management from a physician and nursing perspective;


On-site surveys and audits to ensure compliance with internal and external policies and procedures; and


Assistance in design and development of a risk programs to control loss.

Educational Seminars

Our attorneys and consultants are available to present seminars to physicians and hospitals concerning risk awareness. The seminars generally focus on claims/risk issues and a legal overview of malpractice concerns.  However, MedLaw will tailor its educational conferences to fit the client’s particular needs.

Consulting Services


This List of Services is representative of the services available at MedLaw, however, it is not intended to be an exhaustive list of services. Our attorneys are available to serve the need of our clients, whatever those needs may be. If other services are desired, MedLaw will implement those services pursuant to the client’s particular needs.


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